Emerson TREXCHPKLWS3 AMS Trex Communicator HART Intrinsicall

description:Emerson TREXCHPKLWS3 AMS Trex Communicator, HART, Intrinsically Safe, Wireless, 3yr Support...
Emerson TREXCHPKLWS3 AMS Trex Communicator HART Intrinsically Safe Wireless 3yr Support

Improve reliability with the AMS Trex Device Communicator. Increase productivity in the field with your Trex unit by doing more types of tasks. Easily solve complex device issues without the need for other specialized tools. The Trex communicator is designed to withstand the harsh conditions in and around manufacturing facilities and is safely-rated, so it can go anywhere you can go. Rely on Trex to deliver results and keep your field assets reliable.
Weight                                 Approximately 2.9 lbs (1330 grams)
Microprocessor                 800 MHZ ARM Cortex A8/NXP
Memory Internal Flash      2 GB NAND and 32 GB extended flash
RAM                                     512 MB DDR3 SDRAM
Display                                5.7 in (14.5 cm) color VGA resistive touchscreen
Battery Operating Time    8+ hours of typical use
Operating Temperature   -20 to 55°C (-4 to 122°F)
Enclosure Rating              IP54
Shock                                   Tested to survive a 1-meter drop test onto concrete


Processor, Memory, and Operating System
Microprocessor 800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 / NXP
Memory Internal Flash 2 GB NAND and 32 GB extended flash
Operating System Windows Embedded Compact 2013
Weight Approximately 2.9 lbs (1330 grams)
Display 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) color VGA resistive touchscreen
640 x 480 pixel
Keypad X button – similar to a Back key
4 arrow buttons to navigate menus
Checkmark- similar to an Enter key
AC Adapter
Battery Rechargeable Lithium- Ion Power Module
Operating Time 8+ hours of typical use
Charge Time 3 to 4 hours
LEDs 6 LEDs. Five LEDs for indicating the progress of charging. One LED to indicate the AC adapter is charging the power module.
Battery Charger Options Input voltage 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Cables included with U.S., Europe, and U.K. plugs
•   Eliminate the need for specialized tools with power the loop functionality
•   Quickly resolve field devices issues with advanced diagnostics
•   Configure and test valves inline
•   Improve efficiency with a modern, intuitive user interface
•   Intrinsically safe to go anywhere you go
•   Automatically synchronize field data with AMS Device Manager
Emerson TREXCHPKLWS3 AMS Trex Communicator HART Intrinsically Safe Wireless 3yr Support
The AMS Trex Device Communicator expands the long line of Emerson handheld devices while adding new capabilities that adapt it to consumer expectations for mobile device functionality.
Technicians armed with a Trex communicator won’t waste time bringing devices back to the shop for analysis or reconfiguration. Problems with Foundation Fieldbus and HART devices can be diagnosed in the field while the devices are still installed. Simple issues can be addressed on the spot, avoiding unnecessary, and potentially destructive, invasive physical investigation of the problem.
Technicians need powerful and portable diagnostic tools so they can identify and troubleshoot device issues to minimize process upsets. With a Trex communicator in hand, you can properly diagnose device issues in the field. With the right handheld, maintenance teams will experience significant savings in work hours and peace of mind knowing that problems will be fixed quickly and properly the first time.
Once changes are made in the field, AMS Trex will automatically synchronize the information with the AMS Device Manager database via WiFi or USB connection.
Emerson TREXCHPKLWS3 AMS Trex Communicator HART Intrinsically Safe Wireless 3yr Support
For a communicator to be useful in the field, it must be built to last and ready for anything. The Trex communicator is designed to withstand the harsh conditions in and around manufacturing facilities. The rugged device is easy to hold, yet designed to take the bumps and drops that come from normal use in the plant. In addition, the Trex communicator is protected against moisture and extreme temperatures, allowing you to work regardless of environmental conditions. The sturdy exterior is designed in accordance with Intrinsic Safety standards to limit the buildup of static electrical energy. Unlike consumer-grade mobile devices, the Trex communicator will withstand the abuse of a harsh field environment.
Emerson TREXCHPKLWS3 AMS Trex Communicator HART Intrinsically Safe Wireless 3yr Support
The Trex communicator includes Upgrade Studio, a PC application to help keep the Trex unit up-to-date with new software and apps. Upgrade Studio can even connect to multiple devices at once, allowing you to simultaneously upgrade and perform installs on your entire fleets of AMS Trex Device Communicators.
With Upgrade Studio, add critical diagnostic tools to your toolkit and push them out to any number of Trex communicators. With multiple apps available and many more in development, Upgrade Studio will make the Trex communicator your go-anywhere, do-anything device:
Field Communicator – The Field Communicator app delivers a wide range of options for configuring and troubleshooting HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices.
Loop Diagnostics – With the Loop Diagnostic app, you can power the loop in the field and also perform loop troubleshooting and checkouts. The app helps with loop characteristic validation and lets you isolate and troubleshoot wiring issues.
Fieldbus Diagnostics – The Fieldbus Diagnostics app gives you the necessary toolset for troubleshooting and validating Foundation Fieldbus segments.
Ordering Codes:
Spare Parts Codes:
TREX-0002-1211 Rechargeable Li-Ion Power Module
TREX-0002-3611 Rechargeable Li-Ion Power Module (with 3 years premium   coverage)
TREX-0003-0011 AC Adapter (includes US, EU, UK, AU outlet plugs)
TREX-0003-0022 DC Adapter (12v vehicle accessory outlet)
TREX-0003-0002 AC Outlet Plugs (replacement set includes US, EU, UK, AU)
TREX-FFPA-0001 Foundation Fieldbus Power Plug
TREX-0004-0001 Lead Set with connectors
TREX-0005-0002 Hand Strap (replacement set of 2)
TREX-0005-0011 Carrying Case (includes hand & shoulder straps)
TREX-0005-0009 Shoulder Strap (replacement for use with carrying case)
TREX-0005-0004 Magnetic Hanger
TREX-0004-0002 USB cable (USB to micro USB)
TREX-PMDC-1211 Device Communicator communication module
TREX-PMDC-3611 Device Communicator communication module (with 3 years premium   coverage)
TREX-PMDP-1211 Device Communicator Plus communication module
REX-PMDP-3611 Device Communicator Plus communication module (with 3 years   premium coverage)
TREX-0012-0011 Stand (replacement integral to communication module)(
TREX-0045-0001 Quick Start Guide (Multilingual)
TREX-0049-0001 Resource DVD
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