Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor

description:Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor ...
Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor 

Features of Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor 
•  Sensor head bidirectional and rotatable
•  20 mm flush
•  2-wire DC
•  2 LEDs indicator for 360° visibility

Sensor is a device that detects events or changes in quantities and provides a corresponding output, generally as an electrical or optical signal.
We could provide sensors of famous brands, they're made in Germany or Japan.
They're new and original, warranty time: 1 Year.

General specifications of Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor 
Switching function Normally open/closed (NO/NC)
Output type Two-wire
Rated operating distance 20 mm
Installation flush
Output polarity DC
Assured operating distance 0 ... 16.2 mm
Actual operating distance 18 ... 22 mm typ. 20 mm
Reduction factor rAl 0.3
Reduction factor rCu 0.3
Reduction factor r304 0.7
Nominal ratings of Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor 
Operating voltage 5 ... 60 V DC
Switching frequency 0 ... 250 Hz
Hysteresis typ. 5 %
Reverse polarity protection reverse polarity tolerant
Short-circuit protection yes
Voltage drop ≤ 5 V
Voltage drop at IL  
  Voltage drop IL = 100 mA, switching element on ... 5 V
Operating current 2 ... 200 mA
Off-state current 0 ... 0.5 mA
Switching state indicator 2 LED, yellow
Functional safety related parameters of Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor 
MTTFd 1162 a
Mission Time (TM) 20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)  0 %
Approvals and certificates of Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor 
EAC conformity TR CU 020/2011
UL approval cULus Listed, General Purpose
CSA approval cCSAus Listed, General Purpose
CCC approval Certified by China Compulsory Certification (CCC)

Pepperl Fuchs NBB20-U1-Z2 Inductive Sensor 
Fiber Optic Sensors Laser Sensors
Perform high-performance, high-speed detection Achieve long-range presence detection using 
To be used in a variety of environment conditions a visible, focused laser beamspot
Model FS, ML series Model LR-Z, LV, IL, EX, LS Series
Ultrasonic Sensors Positioning Sensors
Characterized by reliability and versatility Determine that target objects are within specified
Can be used to solve even the most complex tasks. Polarity reversal and short-circuit protected
Amplifier Built-in LED status indication
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It's aimed at all automation solutions where  Smooth or threaded stainless housings with LED
noncontact object detection can be utilized   Connection styles include M8, M12 or terminal
Model LR-Z, PZ, ML, BB, GLK, CZ, EX, RX series Model CBB,40F,E2E,BEN,PRL,NI,BI,NB,PM,SN,PS Series

Ordering Models:

NBB1.5-8GM40-Z1 NJ0.8-4.5-N
NBB1.5-8GM50-A0-V1 NJ0.8-5GM-N
NBB1.5-8GM50-A2-V1 NJ1.5-6.5-N
NBB1.5-8GM50-E0 NJ1.5-8GM40-E2
NBB1.5-8GM50-E2 NJ1.5-8GM40-E2-V1
NBB1.5-8GM50-Z1-V3 NJ1.5-8GM40-E-V1
NBB1.5-8GM50-Z3-V3 NJ1.5-8GM40-WO
NBB1.5-8GM60-A0 NJ1.5-8GM40-WS
NBB1.5-8GM60-A2 NJ1.5-8GM-N
NBB2-6.5M25-E2-V3 NJ1.5-8GM-N-V1
NBB2-6.5M25-E3-V3 NJ1.5-18GM-N-D
NBB2-6.5M30-E0 NJ1.5-18GM-N-D-V1
NBB2-6.5M30-E2 NJ2-6.5-40-E2
NBB2-8GM25-E0-V3 NJ2-6.5-50-E
NBB2-8GM25-E1-V3 NJ2-11-N
NBB2-8GM25-E2-V3 NJ2-11-N-G
NBB2-8GM25-E3-V3 NJ2-11-SN
NBB2-8GM30-A2-V1 NJ2-11-SN-G
NBB2-8GM30-E0 NJ2-12GK40-E
NBB2-8GM30-E0-V1 NJ2-12GK40-E2
NBB2-8GM30-E2 NJ2-12GK40-E3
NBB2-8GM30-E2-V1 NJ2-12GM40-E
NBB2-8GM40-E0-V1 NJ2-12GM40-E1
NBB2-8GM40-E2-V1 NJ2-12GM40-E2
NBB2-8GM40-E2-V3 NJ2-12GM40-E2-V1
NBB2-8GM50-E0 NJ2-12GM40-E3
NBB2-8GM50-E2 NJ2-12GM40-E3-V1
NBB2-12GK50-E0 NJ2-12GM40-E-V1
NBB2-12GK50-E2 NJ2-12GM50-WO
NBB2-12GM40-E0 NJ2-12GM50-WO-V13
NBB2-12GM40-E0-V1 NJ2-12GM50-WS-V13
NBB2-12GM40-E1 NJ2-12GK-N
NBB2-12GM40-E2 NJ2-12GK-SN
NBB2-12GM40-E2-V1 NJ2-12GM-N
NBB2-12GM40-E3 NJ2-12GM-N-V1
NBB2-12GM40-Z0 NJ3-18GK-S1N
NBB2-12GM40-Z0-V1 NJ4-12GK40-E
NBB2-12GM40-Z3-V1 NJ4-12GK40-E1
NBB2-12GM50-E0 NJ4-12GK40-E2
NBB2-12GM50-E0-C-V1 NJ4-12GK40-E3
NBB2-12GM50-E0-V1 NJ4-12GM40-E
NBB2-12GM50-E2 NJ4-12GM40-E1
NBB2-12GM50-E2-C-V1 NJ4-12GM40-E2
NBB2-12GM50-E2-V1 NJ4-12GM40-E2-V1
NBB2-12GM60-A0 NJ4-12GM40-E3
NBB2-12GM60-A0-V1 NJ4-12GM40-E3-V1
NBB2-12GM60-A2 NJ4-12GM40-E-V1
NBB2-12GM60-A2-V1 NJ4-12GM50-WO
NBB4-12GM30-E2 NJ4-12GM50-WO-V13
NBB4-12GM30-E2-V1 NJ4-12GM50-WS
NBB4-12GM30-E2-V3 NJ4-12GM50-WS-V12
NBB4-12GM30-E3 NJ4-12GM50-WS-V13
NBB4-12GM30-E3-V1 NJ4-12GK-N
NBB4-12GM30-E3-V3 NJ4-12GK-SN
NBB4-12GM50-A0 NJ4-12GM-N
NBB4-12GM50-A0-V1 NJ4-12GM-N-V1
NBB4-12GM50-A2 NJ4-30GM-N-200
NBB4-12GM50-A2-V1 NJ5-11-N
NBB4-12GM50-E0 NJ5-11-N-G
NBB4-12GM50-E0-V1 NJ5-18GM50-A2
NBB4-12GM50-E2 NJ5-18GM50-A2-V1
NBB4-12GM50-E2-V1 NJ5-18GM50-E
NBB4-12GM50-E3 NJ5-18GM50-E1
NBB4-12GM50-E3-V1 NJ5-18GM50-E2
NBB5-18GM20-E2 NJ5-18GM50-E2-V1
NBB5-18GM20-E2-V1 NJ5-18GM50-E3
NBB5-18GM40-E2 NJ5-18GM50-E-V1
NBB5-18GM40-Z0 NJ5-18GK-N
NBB5-18GM40-Z0-V1 NJ5-18GK-N-150
NBB5-18GM40-Z3-V1 NJ5-18GK-SN
NBB5-18GM50-E0 NJ5-18GM-N
NBB5-18GM50-E0-V1 NJ5-18GM-N-V1
NBB5-18GM50-E2 NJ5-30GK-S1N
NBB5-18GM50-E2-C-V1 NJ6-22-N
NBB5-18GM50-E2-V1 NJ6-22-N-G
NBB5-18GM60-A0 NJ6-22-SN
NBB5-18GM60-A0-V1 NJ6-22-SN-G
NBB5-18GM60-A2 NJ8-18GM50-A2
NBB5-18GM60-A2-V1 NJ8-18GM50-A2-V1
NBB5-18GM60-WO NJ8-18GM50-E0
NBB5-18GM60-WS NJ8-18GM50-E2
NBB8-18GM30-E2 NJ8-18GM50-E2-V1

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