Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configu

description:Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator...

Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator


Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator 

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Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator

The MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator is used by maintenance engineers, managers and instrument technicians to monitor, configure, diagnose and manage smart field devices. It manages Honeywell DE devices as well as any supplier’s HART devices. The latest MCT404 model also authenticates ISA100 wireless devices and supports Honeywell’s PIE tool to manage UDA2182 analyzers and UDC Controllers.

The MC Toolkit delivers value through rugged and reliable construction, lowest lifecycle costs, and simpler and easier device management.

Product Description of Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator
The Honeywell MCT404 Toolkit is a portable configurator.  Typically used by maintenance and engineering departments, the tool can be used to configure, monitor, diagnose and manage smart field instruments/devices. The Honeywell MCT404 is a multipurpose tool, supporting both HART and Honeywell’s Digitally Enhanced (DE) communication protocols.

The MCT404 Toolkit allows easy access to instrument configuration database parameters without the need for prior training or experience. Each MCT404 Toolkit comes loaded with all registered HART Device Description (DD) files and may be supplemented with non published DD files at any time – so any HART new device can be configured as long as a DD can be downloaded. New DD files are easily  downloaded and installed using ActiveSync/Mobile Device Center software and the USB cable provided.

What is it?   Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator
The MC Toolkit (model MCT404) Handheld Configurator uses the CN70 Series Intermec PDA for managing smart field devices. It is available in intrinsic and non-intrinsic safe versions for use in safe as well as hazardous areas. The toolkit comes with two software applications:
The MC Toolkit software application for configuring Honeywell DE transmitters such as SmartLine Pressure, ST 3000 pressure and STT 3000 temperature transmitters.  
The Field Device Configurator (FDC) for configuring any HART 5, HART 6, and wired HART 7 devices with a device description (DD/EDDL) file compliant with the HART Communication Foundation.
Each MC Toolkit is loaded with all HART device description files so that any HART device can be configured utilizing common, universal and device-specific commands.​
How Does It Work?  Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator
MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator supports open industry standards. An IrDA port is also available for provisioning Honeywell ISA100 based wireless devices. It uses unmodified vendor DD/EDDL files for performing device configuration, management and diagnostics tasks. An intuitive DD manager utility in the FDC application helps easily add DD/EDDLs into the library, eliminating the wait for new software releases. Users can download the updated software from the Honeywell website to keep their tool current.
MC Toolkit provides full access to device parameters, configuration and diagnostics. When used with Honeywell’s Field Device Manager application, its offline configuration feature allows users to complete device configuration without the device being physically present. The configuration can be downloaded later to the device to significantly save time during plant commissioning.​
What Problems Does It Solve?  Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator
MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator is a rugged and reliable offering that simplifies device management and reduces overall lifecycle cost by eliminating the need for multiple tools and offers wide usage across many device protocols. It supports plant reliability and safety by helping users prioritize maintenance and make better decisions. MC Toolkit also makes employees more efficient with device information and status just a few clicks away for effective on-the-go device management and maintenance.​




Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator 

The Honeywell MC Toolkit is a ruggedizes handheld configurator and communications tool for monitoring, diagnosing, and managing smart field instruments. It supports both HART® and Honeywell Digitally Enhanced (DE) communications protocols, making it a truly universal configurator.

You can easily access instrument calibration database parameters without prior traning, user manuals, or previous experience.

Key Specifications of Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator

  • Configures any Honeywell DE device: SmartLine ST3000, ST800, ST700, STT3000 transmitters
  • IrDA port for interfacing with IrDA standard devices: Honeywell ISA100 wireless, UDA2182 analyzers, UDC controllers
  • Supports transmitter diagnostics, online monitoring and field calibration
  • Numeric (standard) or QWERTY keypad and high resolution backlit display
  • Configures any HART® device with a published HART device description
  • Supports easy download of any new vendor's DD files via dock and USB PC connection
  • Ruggedized and FM, ATEX, IECEx intrinsically safe versions available


Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator

The MC Toolkit application allows you to manage Honeywell DE devices, including SmartLine transmitters, online as well as offline.

 Rugged and Reliable Communicator

• Use one device to manage universal HART 5,6, 7 devices, Honeywell DE devices, and to provision Honeywell ISA100-based wireless devices

• Access graph and chart data from the smart field instrument and diagnostics information through HART EDD based devices

• Experience new levels of reliability in all weather conditions with industrial grade ruggedness and WP IP65 enclosure

• Choose a numeric keypad with large buttons for easy operation or an alpha-numeric key pad for an experience more similar to using your mobile phone

• Enjoy smooth single-hand operation using navigation keys - up, down, left and right arrows

• Enhance visibility in dark as well as daylight with a 480x640 high resolution backlight display and ambient light sensor

• Carry the device in safe as well as hazardous areas with global agency approvals from ATEX, FM C US and IEC Ex for class1/div1 hazardous areas

• Lower your lifecycle costs through license-free application and DD upgrades from our website

• Achieve faster commissioning through offline configuration of HART devices through Honeywell’s Field Device Manager (FDM)

• Create additional memory through an expandable industrial grade SD card up to 32GB for data storage

• Get connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for easier and faster data exchange


Models optional of Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator







Honeywell MCT404-ZZ-01-00 MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator


Description Catalog Number
Honeywell MC Toolkit Handheld Configurator MCT404
Agency Approval No Approval Body Certifications Needed
ATEX Zone 1, Div 1, Intrinsically Safe/Dust-Ignition Proof
IECEx Zone 1, Div 1, Intrinsically Safe/Dust-Ignition Proof
FM C-US Class I, Div 1, Class I, Zone 1, Class II, Zone 21 Intrinsically Safe/Dust-Ignition Proof
AC Power Docking Station with US Charger Adapter/Power Cord, USB Interface Cable 01
Options None
QWERTY Keypad (in place of Numeric Keypad)
WiFi Communications (802.11 a/b/g/n)

The MC toolkit comes complete with a stylus pen, hand strap, integrated HART/DE modem, 2GB SD card, IrDA port, numeric keypad, 4-foot transmitter connector, cable set, and manuals on CD-ROM.

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