Emerson Rosemount 475FP1EKLUGMTS 475 Field Communicator

description:475FP1EKLUGMTS HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus,unlike 475FP1EKLUGMT,475FP1EKLUGMTS' Enclosure:Protective rubber boot and stand...
Emerson Rosemount 475FP1EKLUGMTS 475 Field Communicator

475FP1EKLUGMT HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus, Power supply and charger included (Li-ion/NiMH),ATEX, FM, CSA, and IECEx intrinsically safe (includes FISCO as applicable),Easy upgrade (3 year),Bluetooth communication, without Spare Battery Pack.Enclosure: Protective rubber boot and stand.

We provide instructions on basic features and functions of theand information on components, assembly, starting, entering standby, shutting down, settings, applications, and maintaining. Emerson hart 475 also called Rosemount field communicator 475 supports HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and Wireless HART™ devices, which allows you to upgrade your 475 Communicator online.
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