Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Modul

description:Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H00 AAI143-H03 Analog Input Module In Stock...
Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock


Model and Suffix Codes of Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock
Model: AAI143 - Analog Input Module (4 to 20 mA, 16-channel, Isolated)
YOKOGAWA AAI143-H53 Analog Input Module Suffix Codes:
-H - With digital communication (HART Protocol)
5 - With no explosion protection
3 - With ISA Standard G3 option and temperature (-20 to 70°C) option
Estimated Lead Time: 7 - 10 Working Days
Shipping Weight: 2 Kg
Specifications of Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock
This GS covers the hardware specifications of the Analog I/O Modules (FIO) that can be installed in the Node Unit
for ESB Bus (ANB10S, ANB10D), the Node Unit for ER Bus (ANR10S, ANR10D) and Compact Field Control Unit
(for FIO) (AFF50S, AFF50D, AFV10S, AFV10D).
These modules mainly receive 4 to 20 mA DC or 1 to 5 V DC standardized signal from 2-wire/4-wire transmitters.
They can be used in dual redundant configuration.

STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS of Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock


   Current/Voltage Input Modules (Non-Isolated)
  These modules provide 16 inputs of mainly 4 to 20 mA DC or 1 to 5 V DC standardized signals from 2-wire/4-wire transmitters.
  They can be used in dual-redundant configuration.



     Current Input Modules (Isolated)

     AAI143 provides 16 inputs of 4 to 20 mA signal. It can be used in dual-redundant configuration.

Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock

Items Specifications
Model AAI143 (*1)
Number of input channels 16, isolated
Input signal 4 to 20 mA
Allowable input current 24 mA
Input resistance Power ON 270 Ω (20 mA) to 350 Ω (4 mA) (*2)
  Power OFF 500 kΩ or larger
Accuracy ±16 μA
Data update period 10 ms
Transmitter power supply 19.0 V or higher (at 20 mA) 25.5 V or less (at 0 mA) (output current limit: 25 mA) (*5)
Setting of 2-wire or 4-wire transmitter For each channel by setting pin
Drift due to ambient temperature change ±16 μA/10 C
Maximum current consumption 230 mA (5 V DC), 540 mA (24 V DC)
Weight 0.3 kg
External communication Pressure clamp terminal, MIL connector cable, dedicated cable (KS1)
HART communication (*3) Available


MODEL AND SUFFIX CODES of Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock


Model AAI143    Analog Input Module (4 to 20 mA, 16-channel, Isolated)
  -S Standard Type
  -H With digital communication (HART protocol)
   5 With no explosion protection
     E With explosion protection
        0 Basic type
        3 With ISA Standard G3 option and temperature (-20 to 70 °C) option
/K4A00 With KS Cable Interface Adapter [Model : ATK4A-00]
  /A4S00 With Pressure Clamp Terminal Block for Analog [Model : ATA4S-00]
  /A4S10 With Pressure Clamp Terminal Block for Analog (surge absorber) [Model : ATA4S-10]
  /A4D00 With Dual Pressure Clamp Terminal Block for Analog [Model : ATA4D-00]
  /A4D10 With Dual Pressure Clamp Terminal Block for Analog (surge absorber) [Model : ATA4D-10]
  /CCC01 With Connector Cover for MIL Cable [Model : ACCC01]

Ordering Models of Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock
AAI143-S50/K4A00, AAI143-S50/A4S00, AAI143-S50/A4S10, AAI143-S50/A4D00, AAI143-S50/A4D10, AAI143-S50/CCC01,
AAI143-S53/K4A00, AAI143-S53/A4S00, AAI143-S53/A4S10, AAI143-S53/A4D00, AAI143-S53/A4D10, AAI143-S53/CCC01,
AAI143-SE0/K4A00, AAI143-SE0/A4S00, AAI143-SE0/A4S10, AAI143-SE0/A4D00, AAI143-SE0/A4D10, AAI143-SE0/CCC01,
AAI143-SE3/K4A00, AAI143-SE3/A4S00, AAI143-SE3/A4S10, AAI143-SE3/A4D00, AAI143-S53/A4D10, AAI143-S53/CCC01,
AAI143-H50/K4A00, AAI143-H50/A4S00, AAI143-H50/A4S10, AAI143-H50/A4D00, AAI143-h50/A4D10, AAI143-H50/CCC01,
AAI143-H53/K4A00, AAI143-H53/A4S00, AAI143-H53/A4S10, AAI143-H53/A4D00, AAI143-h53/A4D10, AAI143-H53/CCC01,
AAI143-HE0/K4A00, AAI143-HE0/A4S00, AAI143-HE0/A4S10, AAI143-HE0/A4D00, AAI143-HE0/A4D10, AAI143-HE0/CCC01,
AAI143-HE3/K4A00, AAI143-HE3/A4S00, AAI143-HE3/A4S10, AAI143-HE3/A4D00, AAI143-HE3/A4D10, AAI143-HE3/CCC01

Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock

CP451-51 CP451-10 CP345-10 CP401-10 PW481-50 PW481-51 PW481-E0 PW481-E1 PW482-50 PW482-51 PW482-E0 PW482-E1 PW484-50 PW484-51 PW484-53 S9072UD S9080UK S9766UK S9628UK S9322UK S9559UK S9415UK S9764UK CP345 CP701 PW702 AIP521 PW302 PW482-10 SB401-10 S9578VK S9504VK PW701 S9039FA S9027UV S9879UK S9129FA S9502VK S9580VK S9504VK S9506VK S9579VK S9578VK S9109VK A1546EF S9528VK AMC16R,AMC16M,AMC16T,ATA4D,ATA4S,ATB5S,ATD5S,ATI3A,ATI3D,ATI3S,ATC4S,ATC5S,ATF9S,ATR8D,ATR8S,ATT4D,ATT4S,ATB5D,ATD5A,ATD5D,ATK4A,ATB3A,ATM4A,ATV4A,ASI133,ASI533,AST143,ASR133,ASD143,ASD533,ADT16,ADT16A,ADT16B,ADT32,ADC32,ADC16,AIP131,AIP171,AIP181,AIP261,AIP421,AIP481,AIP501,AIP502,AIP503,AIP511,AIP512,AIP521,AIP571,AIP581,AIP578,AIP579,AIP588,AIP601,AIP827,ADCV01,ADCV02,ACCC01 AAI841-SE3/A4S00 AAB841-SE3/A4S00 AAB842-SE3/A4S00  AAB842-H01/A4D10 AAI841-HF3/A4D00 AAI841-S00/A4S10 AAB841-S00/A4S10 AAB842-S00/A4S10 AAB842-H51/A4D10 AAI841-S00/A4D10 AAI841-S50/A4S10 AAB841-S50/A4S10 AAB842-S50/A4S10 AAB842-H61/A4D10 AAI841-S50/A4D10 AAI841-S60/A4S10 AAB841-S60/A4S10 AAB842-S60/A4S10 AAB842-HE1/A4D10 AAI841-S61/A4S10 AAB841-S61/A4S10 AAB842-S61/A4S10 AAB842-HE3/A4D10 AAB841-H53/A4D00 AAI841-SE1/A4S10 AAB841-SE1/A4S10  AAB842-HF1/A4S10 AAB842-H00/V4A00 AAB841-SE0/A4D10 AAI141 AAI141-S00 AAI141-H00 AAI141-S00/K4A00,AAI141-S00/k400 A AAV142 AAV142-S00 AAV542 AAV542-S00 Analog Output Module (-10 V to +10 V, 16-Channel, Non-Isolated) AAI143,AAI143-S00,AAI143-H00 AAI143-S00/k4a00 AAI143-H00/K4A00,AAI143-H03 Analog Input Module (4 to 20 mA, 16-Channel, Isolated) AAI143-S50 AAI143-S53 AAI143-SE0 AAI143-SE3 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H53 AAI143-HE0 AAI143-HE3 AAI143-S50/K4A00 AAI143-S53/K4A00 AAI143-SE0/K4A00 AAI143-SE3/K4A00 AAI143-H50/K4A00 AAI143-H53/K4A00 AAI143-HE0/K4A00 AAI143-HE3/K4A00 AAI143-S50/A4S00 AAI143-S53/A4S00 AAI143-SE0/A4S00 AAI143-SE3/A4S00 AAI143-H50/A4S00 AAI143-H53/A4S00 AAI143-HE0/A4S00 AAI143-HE3/A4S00 AAI143-S50/A4D00 AAI143-S53/A4D00 AAI143-SE0/A4D00 AAI143-SE3/A4D00 AAI143-H50/A4D00 AAI143-H53/A4D00 AAI143-HE0/A4D00 AAI143-HE3/A4D00 AAI143-S50/A4D10 AAI143-S53/A4D10 AAI143-SE0/A4D10 AAI143-SE3/A4D10 AAI143-H50/A4D10 AAI143-H53/A4D10 AAI143-HE0/A4D10 AAI143-HE3/A4D10 AAI143-S50/CCC01 AAI143-S53/CCC01 AAI143-SE0/CCC01 AAI143-SE3/CCC01 AAI143-H50/CCC01 AAI143-H53/CCC01 AAI143-HE0/CCC01 AAI143-HE3/CCC01 AAV144,AAV144-S00 Analog Input Module (-10 V to +10 V, 16-Channel, Isolated) AAV544,AAV544-S00 Analog Output Module (-10 V to +10 V, 16-Channel, Isolated) AAT145-S03/K4A00 AAI135-S03/K4A00 AAI835-S03/K4A00 AAR145-S03/K4A00 AAI543-H53/K4A00 AAT145-S53/K4A00 AAI135-S53/K4A00 AAI835-S53/K4A00 AAR145-S53/K4A00 AAI543-H63/K4A00 AAT145-S63/K4A00 AAI135-S63/K4A00 AAI835-S63/K4A00 AAR145-S63/K4A00 AAI543-HE3/K4A00 AAT145-SE3/K4A00 AAI135-SE3/K4A00 

Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock

ADV141-P50/D5A00 ADV142-P50/D5A00 ADV157-P50/D5A00 ADV151-P50/D5A00 ADV141-E50/D5A00 ADV142-E50/D5A00 ADV157-S50/D5A00 ADV151-E50/D5A00 ADV141-P60/D5A00 ADV142-P60/D5A00 ADV157-P60/D5A00 ADV151-P60/D5A00 ADV141-E60/D5A00 ADV142-E60/D5A00 ADV157-S60/D5A00 ADV151-E60/D5A00 ADV141-PE0/D5A00 ADV142-PE0/D5A00 ADV157-PE0/D5A00 ADV151-PE0/D5A00 ADV141-EF0/D5A00 ADV142-EF0/D5A00 ADV157-SF0/D5A00 ADV151-EF0/D5A00 ADV141-P00/D5A00 ADV142-P00/D5A00 ADV157-P00/D5A00 ADV151-P00/D5A00 ADV141-E00/D5A00 ADV142-E00/D5A00 ADV157-S00/D5A00 ADV151-E00/D5A00 ADV141-P10/D5A00 ADV142-P10/D5A00 ADV157-P10/D5A00 ADV151-P10/D5A00 ADV141-E10/D5A00 ADV142-E10/D5A00  ADV151-PE3/D5A00 ADV141-EF3/D5A00 ADV142-EF3/D5A00 ADV157-SF1/D5A00 ADV151-EF3/D5A00 ADV141-P03/D5A00 ADV142-P03/D5A00 ADV157-P01/D5A00 ADV151-P03/D5A00 ADV141-E03/D5A00 ADV142-E03/D5A00 ADV157-S01/D5A00 ADV151-E03/D5A00 ADV141-P13/D5A00 ADV142-P13/D5A00 ADV157-P11/D5A00 ADV151-P13/D5A00 ADV141-E13/D5A00 ADV142-E13/D5A00 ADV157-S11/D5A00 ADV151-E13/D5A00 ADV141-P50/B5S00 ADV142-P50/B5S00 ADV157-P50/B5S00 ADV151-P50/B5S00 ADV141-E50/B5S00 ADV142-E50/B5S00 ADV157-S50/B5S00 ADV142-PE3/B5S00 ADV157-PE1/B5S00 ADV151-PE3/B5S00 ADV141-EF3/B5S00 ADV142-EF3/B5S00 ADV157-SF1/B5S00 ADV151-EF3/B5S00 ADV141-P03/B5S00  ADV161-P11/B6D00 ADV551-P13/D5D00 ADR541-P13/D5D00 ADV557-P11/D5D00 ADV161-S11/B6D00 ADV551-S13/D5D00 ADR541-S13/D5D00 ADV557-S11/D5D00 ADV161-P50/C4S60 ADV551-P50/D5D10 ADR541-P50/D5D10 ADV557-P50/D5D10 ADV161-S50/C4S60 ADV551-S50/D5D10 ADR541-S50/D5D10 ADV557-S50/D5D10 ADV161-P60/C4S60 ADV551-P60/D5D10 ADR541-P60/D5D10 ADV557-P60/D5D10 ADV161-S60/C4S60 ADV551-S60/D5D10 ADR541-S60/D5D10 ADV557-S60/D5D10 ADV161-PE0/C4S60 ADV551-PE0/D5D10 ADR541-PE0/D5D10 ADV557-PE0/D5D10 ADV161-SF0/C4S60 ADV551-SF0/D5D10 ADR541-SF0/D5D10 ADV557-SF0/D5D10 ADV161-P00/C4S60 ADV551-P00/D5D10 ADR541-P00/D5D10 ADV557-P00/D5D10 ADV161-S00/C4S60 ADV551-S00/D5D10 ADR541-S00/D5D10 ADV557-S00/D5D10 ADV161-P10/C4S60 ADV551-P10/D5D10 ADR541-P10/D5D10 ADV557-P10/D5D10 ADV161-S10/C4S60 ADV551-S10/D5D10 ADR541-S10/D5D10 ADV557-S10/D5D10 ADV161-P51/C4S60 ADV551-P53/D5D10 ADR541-P53/D5D10 ADV557-P51/D5D10 ADV161-S51/C4S60 ADV551-S53/D5D10 ADR541-S53/D5D10 ADV557-S51/D5D10 ADV161-P61/C4S60 ADV551-P63/D5D10 ADR541-P63/D5D10 ADV557-P61/D5D10 ADV161-S61/C4S60 ADV551-S63/D5D10 ADR541-S63/D5D10 ADV557-S61/D5D10 ADV161-PE1/C4S60 ADV551-PE3/D5D10 ADR541-PE3/D5D10 ADV557-PE1/D5D10 ADV161-SF1/C4S60 ADV551-SF3/D5D10 ADR541-SF3/D5D10 ADV557-SF1/D5D10

Yokogawa AAI143-H53 AAI143-H50 AAI143-H00 Analog Input Module In Stock

 ALR111,ALR111-S00,ALR111-S01 RS232C SB401-10 SB401-50 AAI543-H00 AAI543-H50 ADV551-P00 ADV551-P50 PW484-10 PW484-50 AAI543-S00 AAI543-S50 AAB841 AAB841-S50 AAV141 AAV141-S50 ALR121-S00 ALR121-S50 ALF111-S00 ALF111-S50 AAI841-H00/A4S00 AAI841-H50/A4S00 AAI835-S00 AAI835-S50 ADV151-P00 ADV151-P50 ADV551-P00 ADV551-P50 ADV151-P10 ADV151-P60 ADV551-P10 ADV551-P60 AAI141-H00 AAI141-H50 ALE111-S00 ALE111-S50 ALP111 , ALP111-S00,ALP111-S01 FIBUS-DPV1 Communication Module AGS813,AGP813 AIP827-1 AIP827-2 AMN11,AMN22 AMN21 AMN31 AMN32 AMN33 AMN34 AMN51 ANB10S ANB10D ANR10S ANR10D ANS20 AND20 ABC11S ABC11D AFS10S/AFG10S AFS10D/AFG10D AFS20S/AFG20S AFS20D/AFG20D AFS40S/AFS40D AFS30S/AFS30D CP451-10 CP333D CP345 CP703 SB401 EC401 EB401 EB501 EB402 AFV10D-S41201,AFV10D-S41211 AFV10S AVR10D PW601, PW602, PW604, AEP9D,PW482,ADV144-S13 ARM15A ARM55D ARM55W ARM55T ARM55C ARS15B ARS15M ARS55M SSC10S SSC10D SSC50C SSC50D SNB10D SCP401-11 SCP451-11 SAI553-S53 SAI553-S5C SAI553-S63 SAI553-S6C SAI553-SE3 SAI553-SEC SAI553-SF3 SAI553-SEC SDV144-S53 SDV144-S5C SDV144-S63 SDV144-S6C SDV144-SE3 SDV144-SEC SDV144-SF3 SDV144-SFC SSC50S-F251,SSC50S-F252,SSC50S-S252,SSC50S-S251,SSC50S,SSC50D-H251,SSC50D-H252,SSC50D-S252,SSC50D-S251,SSC50D,SSC10S-H251,SSC10S-H252,SSC10S-S252,SSC10S-S251,SSC10S,SSC10D-S252,SSC10D-S251,SSC10D, SNB10D-225,SNB10D-215,SNB10D,SNT10D-225,SNT10D-215,SNT10D,SAI143-S63,SAI143-S53,SAI143,SAV144-S63,SAV144-S53,SAV144,SAT145-S63,SAT145,SAR145-S63,SAR145,SAI533-H63,SAI533-H53,SAI533,SDV144-S63,SDV144-S53,SDV144,SDV521-S63,SDV521,SDV531-S63,SDV531-S53,SDV531-L53,SDV531,SDV53A-S63,SDV53A,SDV541-S63,SDV541-S53,SDV541,SEC402-51,SEC402,SEC401-51,SEC401, SNT401-53,SNT401,SNT501-53,SNT501,SNT411-53,SNT411,SNT511-53,SNT511,SEA4D-16,SEA4D-06,SEA4D,SED2D-16,SED2D-06,SED2D,SED3D-A6,SED3D,SED4D-06,SED4D,SBT4D-06,SBT4D,SBR4D-06,SBR4D,SBA4D-06,SBA4D,SBD2D-06,SBD2D,SBD3D-06,SBD3D,SBD4D-06,SBD4D,SCP401-51,SCP401,SCP461-51,CP461-50,SCP461,SCP451-51,SCP451,SSB401-53, SPW481-53,SPW481,SPW482-53,SPW482,NFBU200,NFBU050-S16,NFBU050-S15,NFBU050,NFPW441-51,NFPW441-50,NFPW441,NFPW444,NFPW442,NFPW426-50,NFDV157-S50,NFDV157-S51,NFDV157-SE0,NFDV157-SE1 AEP9D,AEP9D-40,AEP9D-41,AAI143,AAI143-S00,AAI143-H00,AAI143-S00/A4S00,ADM12C,AMM12C,AIP421,AMM32C,ADM52C,VF702,ACP71,PW702,CP703 VI702 AAI135 AFS40D-H4233 ALP111-S01 ALR121-S01 ANB10D-420/CU2N/NDEL ANB10D-420/CU2T/NDEL ANR11D-420/NDEL AAI841 AAI841-S00 AAI841-S00\A4D00 AAP135-S00\13S00 AFV10D-S41211 EC401-11 YCB301-C100 YCB301-C400 EB401-11 EB402 AAR181-S03/R8S00 AAT141-S03/T4S00 AAI143-H03/A4S00 AAI543-S03/A4S00 ADV151-P03/D5A00 ADV551-P03/D5A00 SAKB331-M005 AAT141 AAR181 ADV151 ADV551 SARM15A SARM55D VF701 VF702 EC401 SB401 EB401 SARM15A SARM55D AAT141 AAR181 ADV151 ADV551 SARM15A SARM55D VF701 VF702 EC401 SB401 EB401 SARM15A SARM55D EC401 SB401 EB401 SB501 YCB141 AAI141-H03 AAI141-H00 KS1-M015 AAI841-S00 AAL143-S00 VI702 ADV551-P00/D5A00 EB511-10 VI701 CSL/ADV151-P00/D5A00 S9400UK K9142TN K9142TH AMN32 AMN33 AMN11 PW502 A1057UP YCB117 AIP502 AIP571 AIP171 RB401 YCB118 YCB148 YCB149 YCB146 AAM10 S9325UK,7.5V CSL/AAI141-S00/A4S00 CSL/AAI543-S00/A4S00 EC401 EB402 AKB 331-M010 SARM15A SARM55C ADM12C AAR145-S00 ADV153 AAI143-S00/A4S00 AAI143-S00/A4D00 AAI143-S00 AAI543-S00/A4D00 AAI543-S00 ADV151-P00/D5A00 ADV551-P00/D5A00 AAR181-S00 S2 ADV151-P00 S2 ADV551-P00 S2 PW482-10-S2 SARM15A TM1-2 ADM52C AAM21J/RJ AAM50 ACM12 ADM52T AKB331 AED5D AED5D-06 ARM55C AFV30D-S41101,AFV30D-S41111,AFV30D-S41201,AFV30D-S41211 AFV30D-S41401,AFV30D-S41411,AFV30D-S41151,AFV30D-S41161 AFV30D-S411E1,AFV30D-S411F1,AFV30D-S41251,AFV30D-S41261 AFV30D-S412E1,AFV30D-S412F1,AFV30D-S41451,AFV30D-S41461 AFV30D-S414E1,AFV30D-S414F1  AKB333-M010 AKB332-M010 AKB331-M010 AIP830-001 AIP830-011 AIP830-101 AIP830-111 AIP830-001/VESA AIP830-011/VESA AIP830-101/VESA AIP830-111/VESA AIP830-001/EIM AIP830-011/EIM AIP830-101/EIM AIP830-111/EIM AIP830-001/JIM AIP830-011/JIM AIP830-101/JIM AIP830-111/JIM

We are specialized in intelligent instruments, including : control system, transmitters, flow meters,sensors, recorders, analyzers, control valves, controllers, PLC's, etc.

We are specialized in intelligent instruments, including : control system, transmitters, flow meters,sensors, recorders, analyzers, control valves, controllers, PLC's, etc.
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1. 100% original product, 100% quality assurance.
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