Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isola

description:Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers...

Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers


Feature of Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers

  • 2-channel isolated barrier
  • 24 V DC supply (Power Rail)
  • Dry contact or NAMUR inputs
  • Relay contact output
  • Line fault detection (LFD)
  • Housing width 12.5 mm
  • Up to SIL 2 acc. to IEC 61508

Function of Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers 


This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. It transfers digital signals (NAMUR sensors/mechanical contacts) from a hazardous area to a safe area.

The proximity sensor or switch controls a form A normally open relay contact for the safe area load. The normal output state can be reversed using switches S1 and S2. Switch S3 is used to enable or disable line fault detection of the field circuit.

During an error condition, relays revert to their de-energized state and LEDs indicate the fault according to NAMUR NE44.

A unique collective error messaging feature is available when used with the Power Rail system.

Due to its compact housing design and low heat dissipation, this device is useful for detecting positions, end stops, and switching states in space-critical applications.


Accessories of Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers

Power feed module KFD2-EB2

The power feed module is used to supply the devices with 24 V DC via the Power Rail. The fuse-protected power feed module can supply up to 150 individual devices depending on the power consumption of the devices. Collective error messages received from the Power Rail activate a galvanically-isolated mechanical contact.

Power Rail UPR-03

The Power Rail UPR-03 is a complete unit consisting of the electrical insert and an aluminium profile rail 35 mm x 15 mm. To make electrical contact, the devices are simply engaged.

Profile Rail K-DUCT with Power Rail

The profile rail K-DUCT is an aluminum profile rail with Power Rail insert and two integral cable ducts for system and field cables. Due to this assembly no additional cable guides are necessary.


Ordering Model of Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers

KFD2-SOT2-Ex2 KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W.LB KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W KFD2-ST2-Ex2 KFD2-STC4-1 KFD2-STC4-EX2 KFD2-STC4-Ex2 KFD2-UT2-1 KFD2-UT2-2 KFD2-UT2-EX1 KFD2-UT2-Ex2 KFD2-VR4-EX1.26 KFU8-FSSP-1.D NBB0,8-5GM25-E2 NBB1,5-8GM50-E0 NBB10-30GM40-Z0 NBB10-30GM50-E2 NBB15-30GM50-WO NBB15-30GM50-WS NBB15-U1-A2 NBB15-U1-A2-T NBB15-U1-E2 NBB15-U1-Z2 NBB2-12GM50-E0-V1 NBB2-12GM50-E2 NBB2-6,5M30-E0 NBB2-8GM30-E2-5M NBB20-L2-A2-V1-3G-3D NBB20-L2-E0-V1 NBB20-L2-E2-V1 NBB20-U1-A2 NBB20-U1-E0 NBB20-U1-E2 NBB3-V3-Z4 NBB4-12GM50-E0 NBB4-12GM50-E0-V1 NBB4-12GM50-E2-V1 NBB5-18GM50-E2-V1 NBB5-18GM60-A2-V1 NBB8-18GM50-E2-V1 NBB8-18GM60-A2-V1
NBN12-18GM50-E2-V1 NBN12-18GM50-E2-V1-Y261468 NBN15-30GM50-E0 NBN15-30GM50-E2-V1 NBN15-30GM60-A2 NBN25-30GM50-E2 NBN3-F31-E8-V1 NBN30-L2-E2-V1 NBN30-U1-A2 NBN30-U1-E2 NBN4-12GM50-E2 NBN4-12GM50-E2-V1 NBN40-L2-E2-V1 NBN40-U1-A2 NBN40-U1-A2-T NBN40-U1-Z2
NBN40-U1K-N0 NBN5-F7-E0 NBN5-F7-E2 NBN8-12GM50-E0-V1 NBN8-12GM50-E2-V1 NBN8-18GM50-E0 NBN8-18GM50-E2-V1 NBN8-18GM60-WS NCB10-30GM40-NO NCB15-30GM50-Z5 NCB50-FP-A2-P1 NCB8-18GM40-N0 NCN15-30GM40-Z1 NJ15+U1+DW1-10 NJ2-12GK-SN NJ2-V3-N NJ4-12GK-N NJ40-FP-SN-P1 NJ5-18GM-N NJ5-18GM50-A2-V1 NJ8-18GM-N NRB10-30GM50-E2-C-V1 NRB15-30GM50-E2-C-V1

Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers
Pepperl+Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex2 Switch Amplifier KCD2-SR-Ex2 Isolated Barriers 

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