ABB ACS880-07 Industrial Cabinet-Built Single Drives

description:ABB ACS880-07 Industrial Cabinet-Built Single Drives...
ABB ACS880-07 Industrial Cabinet-Built Single Drives

Description of ABB ACS880-07 Industrial Cabinet-Built Single Drives
Built on ABB’s all-compatible drives architecture cabinet-built drives have a wide range of standard and optional features, saving installation space and time. Enjoy premium control of virtually any type of AC motor with direct torque control (DTC),including permanent magnet motors and synchronous
reluctance motors. Solutions to many different applications are possible with flexible connectivity and an extensive range of options.
Highlights of ABB ACS880-07 Industrial Cabinet-Built Single Drives
·  Power range 45 to 2800 kW
·  Built on ABB’s common drives architecture
·  Compact design for custom made needs
·  IP22, IP42 and IP54 enclosure classes
·  Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
·  Integrated safety including STO as standard
·  Intuitive control panel with USB port
·  Choke as standard and EMC filter, brake chopper as options
·  Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols
·  Flexible I/O and encoder options
Functional safety features are used in low voltage AC drives. Machine operators could guarantee safety when using the equipment. It has complied the security feature requirements as guided by the concerned agency.
Specification of  ABB ACS880-07 Industrial Cabinet-Built Single Drives

Type Frequency Converter
Name ACS880-07-1250A-3
Сustoms Tariff Code 85044088
ID 3AUA0000169967
Produced in Finland
Nominal Output Power, Heavy-Duty Load 500 kW
Installation Type Cabinet-built
Nomimal Input Voltage 380 … 415 V
Phases 3
Output Current, Heavy-Duty Load 935 A
Output Current, Standart Load 1250 A
Item Name Frequency Converter
NEMA Enclosure type IP22
Nominal Output Power, Light-Overload Mode 630 kW
Nominal Frequency 50 / 60 (+/- 5%) Hz
Output Current, Light-Overload Mode 1200 A
Nominal Output Power, Standart Load 710 kW

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