ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequ

description:ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter...
ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter

General Information of ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter
Global Commercial Alias:ACS880-01-014A-5
Product ID:3AUA0000090434
ABB Type Designation:ACS880-01-014A-5
Catalog Description:ACS880-01-014A-5 Pcont.max:7,5kW, Icont.max:13A
Categories of ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter
Products » Drives » Low voltage AC drives » Industrial drives » ACS880 single drives
New technologies in the field of engineering, commerce, and medical are developed day by day. Many people consider technical innovations as a crucial part of their lives. The truth is, many people are becoming technology dependent. Technology also plays an important role in every business. Business operations become much easier, more accurate as well as productive due to technology. There are lots of companies that offer tools for electrical engineering works as well as ABB is among the topmost companies. The products of this company have helped many businesses all over the world in developing, maintaining as well as creating productive structures. The company generates low voltage AC drives.
Desired production can be accomplished by the manufacturers very easily with the use of ACS880-01-014A-5. Various industries can take advantage of low voltage AC drives.
Ordering of ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter
Country of Origin:Finland (FI)
Customs Tariff Number:85044084
Invoice Description:ACS880-01-014A-5 Pcont.max:7,5kW, Icont.max:13A
Made To Order:Yes
Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Order Multiple:1 piece
Quote Only:No
Selling Unit of Measure:piece
Stocked At (Warehouses): FIPSEEXPU
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Technical of ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter
Enclosure Class:IP21
Frequency (f):50 / 60 (+/- 5%) Hz
Input Voltage (Uin):380 ... 500 V
Mounting Type:Wall-mounting
Number of Phases:3
Output Current, Heavy-Duty Use:11 A
Output Current, Light-Overload Use:13 A
Output Current, Normal Use:14 A
Output Power, Heavy-Duty Use:5.5 kW
Output Power, Light-Overload Use:7.5 kW
Output Power, Normal Use:7.5 kW
Additional Information of ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter
Product Main Type:ACS880-01-014A-5
Product Name:Frequency Converter
Product Series:ACS880
ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter
The ABB ACS880 01 is a single wall-mounted drives. The power range of this drive series is from 0.55 to 250 kW. They are flexible, compatible and easy in using. Also one of their benefits is compact size, that allows to save installation space. There are a lot of additional options and features that are built-in such as EMC filter, choke, brake chopper and others. Standard enclosure classes are IP 21, IP20 and IP55.
ABB ACS880 01 drives have function of direct torque control that allows controlling of any type of AC motors (including synchronous reluctance motors and permanent magnet motors).
ABB ACS880 Single Wall-Mounted Drives ACS880-01-014A-5 Frequency Converter
High flexibility of these drives is provided by wide range of external and internal options and also by universal connectivity. That is why these series can be used in different fields of industries, for example mining metals, cement, oil and gas, chemicals, pulp and paper and others.
To satisfy all needs of customers ACS 880-01 series has nine frames sizes (R1 to R9) with their weight, size and performance.
Benefits of ACS880-01 drives:
- DTC (Direct Torque Control) in standard kitting;
- safety including STO (build-in);
- build-in inverter;
- build-in EMC filter;
- harmonic filtering inside (AC choke);
- Intuitive control panel (has USB port);
- large possibilities of input-output and encoder options;
- support of large spectrum of fieldbus protocols;
- design of drives can be used in marine application.
ACS880-01 Types
ACS880-01- 115A-2 _ -01-119A-7 PM3Y881R6IP21
ACS880-01-010A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035925
ACS880-01-013A-4 3AXD50000035901
ACS880-01-014A-5 3AUA0000090434
ACS880-01-017A-3 3AUA0000107991
ACS880-01-018A-7 3AUA0000115086
ACS880-01-019A-4 3AXD50000035902
ACS880-01-021A-5 3AUA0000090435
ACS880-01-022A-7 3AUA0000115097
ACS880-01-025A-3 3AUA0000107992
ACS880-01-026A-4 3AXD50000035903
ACS880-01-026A-7 3AUA0000115100
ACS880-01-027A-5 3AUA0000090436
ACS880-01-027A-5 69064728
ACS880-01-02A0-4 3AXD50000035834
ACS880-01-02A1-5 3AUA0000082132
ACS880-01-02A4-3 3AUA0000107974
ACS880-01-02A8-4 3AXD50000035835
ACS880-01-031A-2 3AUA0000123756
ACS880-01-031A-2_-01-034A-5 PM6Y881R3FAN
ACS880-01-032A-3 3AUA0000107993
ACS880-01-032A-4 3AXD50000035904
ACS880-01-034A-5 3AUA0000090437
ACS880-01-035A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035918
ACS880-01-035A-7 3AUA0000115101
ACS880-01-038A-3 3AUA0000108019
ACS880-01-038A-4 3AXD50000035905
ACS880-01-03A0-3+N7502 3AXD50000035910
ACS880-01-03A0-5 3AUA0000090428
ACS880-01-03A2-4 3AXD50000035836
ACS880-01-03A3-3 3AUA0000107975
ACS880-01-03A4-5 3AUA0000090429
ACS880-01-03A9-3+N7502 3AXD50000035911
ACS880-01-040A-5 3AUA0000090438
ACS880-01-042A-7 3AUA0000115102
ACS880-01-043A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035919
ACS880-01-045A-3 3AUA0000108020
ACS880-01-046A-2 3AUA0000137237
ACS880-01-046A-2_-01-052A-5 PM6Y881R4FAN
ACS880-01-049A-4 3AXD50000035906
ACS880-01-049A-7 3AUA0000115103
ACS880-01-04A0-3 3AUA0000107976
ACS880-01-04A6-2 3AUA0000123720
ACS880-01-04A6-2_-01-081A-7 PM3Y881R1R6IP55
ACS880-01-04A6-4 3AXD50000035837
ACS880-01-04A8-5 3AUA0000090430
ACS880-01-04A9-4 3AXD50000035838
ACS880-01-050A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035920
ACS880-01-052A-5 3AUA0000090439
ACS880-01-05A2-5 3AUA0000090431
ACS880-01-05A6-3 3AUA0000107987
ACS880-01-05A8-3+N7502 3AXD50000035912
ACS880-01-060A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035932
ACS880-01-061A-2 3AUA0000137238
ACS880-01-061A-3 3AUA0000108021
ACS880-01-061A-7 3AUA0000115104
ACS880-01-061A-7_-01-084A-7 PM12Y881R67
ACS880-01-062A-4 3AXD50000035907
ACS880-01-065A-5 3AUA0000082214
ACS880-01-069A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035921
ACS880-01-06A6-2 3AUA0000123907
ACS880-01-071A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035933
ACS880-01-072A-3 3AUA0000108022
ACS880-01-072A-5 3AUA0000074593
ACS880-01-073A-4 3AXD50000035908
ACS880-01-075A-2 3AUA0000137239
ACS880-01-075A-2_-01-049A-7 PM6Y881R5FAN
ACS880-01-077A-5 3AUA0000090440
ACS880-01-07A2-3 3AUA0000107988
ACS880-01-07A2-4 3AXD50000035839
ACS880-01-07A3-7 3AUA0000115083
ACS880-01-07A3-7 3AUA0000156958
ACS880-01-07A5-2 3AUA0000123919
ACS880-01-07A5-3+N7502 3AXD50000035913
ACS880-01-07A6-5 3AUA0000090432
ACS880-01-084A-7 3AUA0000115105
ACS880-01-085A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035922
ACS880-01-087A-2 3AUA0000137240
ACS880-01-087A-3 3AUA0000108023
ACS880-01-091A-4 3AXD50000035909
ACS880-01-096A-5 3AUA0000090441
ACS880-01-098A-7 3AUA0000115106
ACS880-01-098A-7_-01-119A-7 PM12Y881R77
ACS880-01-09A4-3 3AUA0000107989
ACS880-01-09A8-3+N7502 3AXD50000035914
ACS880-01-09A8-7 3AUA0000115084
ACS880-01-100A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035940
ACS880-01-103A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035923
ACS880-01-105A-3 3AUA0000108025
ACS880-01-10A4-4 3AXD50000035840
ACS880-01-10A6-2 3AUA0000123754
ACS880-01-10A6-2_-01-11A0-5 PM6Y881R1FAN
ACS880-01-115A-2 3AUA0000137241
ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-084A-7 PM9Y881R6
ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-119A-7 PM6Y881R6R7FAN
ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-124A-5 PM12Y881R635
ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-124A-5 PM12Y881R635O
ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-145A-2 PM12Y881R62
ACS880-01-117A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035941
ACS880-01-118A-4 3AXD50000035946
ACS880-01-119A-7 3AUA0000115107
ACS880-01-11A0-5 3AUA0000090433
ACS880-01-123A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035924
ACS880-01-124A-5 3AUA0000090442
ACS880-01-12A6-3 3AUA0000107990
ACS880-01-142A-7 3AUA0000115108
ACS880-01-142A-7_-01-174A-7 PM12Y881R87
ACS880-01-143A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035942
ACS880-01-145A-2 3AUA0000137242
ACS880-01-145A-3 3AUA0000108026
ACS880-01-148A-4 3AXD50000035947
ACS880-01-14A2-7 3AUA0000115085
ACS880-01-14A3-3+N7502 3AXD50000035915
ACS880-01-14A5-7+N7502 3AXD50000035926
ACS880-01-156A-5 3AUA0000090443
ACS880-01-168A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035943
ACS880-01-169A-3 3AUA0000108027
ACS880-01-16A8-2 3AUA0000123920
ACS880-01-16A8-2_-01-021A-5 PM6Y881R2FAN
ACS880-01-170A-2 3AUA0000137253
ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-119A-7 PM3Y881R7IP55
ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-119A-7 PM9Y881R7
ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-180A-5 PM12Y881R735
ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-180A-5 PM12Y881R735O
ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-206A-2 PM12Y881R72
ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-271A-7 PM3Y881R7R9IP21
ACS880-01-171A-4 3AXD50000035948
ACS880-01-173A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035934
ACS880-01-174A-7 3AUA0000115109
ACS880-01-17A7-3+N7502 3AXD50000035916
ACS880-01-180A-5 3AUA0000090444
ACS880-01-202A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035935
ACS880-01-206A-2 3AUA0000137254
ACS880-01-206A-3 3AUA0000108028
ACS880-01-20A2-7+N7502 3AXD50000035927
ACS880-01-210A-7 3AUA0000115110
ACS880-01-210A-7_-01-271A-7 PM12Y881R97
ACS880-01-228A-4 3AXD50000035949
ACS880-01-240A-5 3AUA0000090445
ACS880-01-245A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035936
ACS880-01-246A-3 3AUA0000108031
ACS880-01-246A-3_-01-174A-7 PM6Y881R8FAN
ACS880-01-246A-3_-01-260A-5 PM12Y881R835
ACS880-01-247A-4 3AXD50000035950
ACS880-01-248A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035945
ACS880-01-24A3-2 3AUA0000123755
ACS880-01-24A8-7+N7502 3AXD50000035928
ACS880-01-25A5-3+N7502 3AXD50000035917
ACS880-01-260A-5 3AUA0000090446
ACS880-01-271A-7 3AUA0000115111
ACS880-01-274A-2 3AUA0000137255
ACS880-01-274A-2 PM12Y881R82
ACS880-01-274A-2_-01-174A-7 PM9Y881R8
ACS880-01-274A-2_-01-260A-5 PM12Y881R835O
ACS880-01-274A-2_-01-271A-7 PM3Y881R8R9IP55
ACS880-01-290A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035937
ACS880-01-293A-3 3AUA0000108034
ACS880-01-29A0-7+N7502 3AXD50000035929
ACS880-01-302A-5 3AUA0000098752
ACS880-01-315A-3 3AUA0000108036
ACS880-01-343A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035938
ACS880-01-343A-4 3AXD50000035951
ACS880-01-361A-5 3AUA0000082215
ACS880-01-363A-3 3AUA0000108037
ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-271A-7 PM6Y881R9FAN
ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-271A-7 PM9Y881R9
ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-414A-5 PM12Y881R935
ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-414A-5 PM12Y881R935O
ACS880-01-393A-4 3AXD50000035952
ACS880-01-39A9-7+N7502 3AXD50000035930
ACS880-01-414A-5 3AUA0000090447
ACS880-01-414A-5+E200+K458+N2005 3AUA0000186435
ACS880-01-414A-5+E200+K458+N2009 3AXD50000035772
ACS880-01-414A-5+E201+K458+N2005 3AUA0000186434
ACS880-01-414A-5+E202+K458+N2005 3AUA0000183335
ACS880-01-414A-5+E202+K458+N2005 3AUA0000186436
ACS880-01-414A-5+E202+K458+N2009+ 3AXD50000036208
ACS880-01-427A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035939
ACS880-01-430A-3 3AUA0000108038
ACS880-01-47A5-7+N7502 3AXD50000035931
ACS880-01-503A-5+0B051+0H371+E208 3AUA0000186053

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