Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 T

description:Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen...
Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

PanelView Plus 6 Graphic Terminals of Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

Our Bulletin 2711P PanelView™ Plus 6 Graphic Terminals let you monitor, control, and display application status information graphically. These terminals offer the open-platform flexibility of the Windows® CE operating system. They are available in 4…15 in. standard display sizes. FactoryTalk® View Studio Machine Edition software lets you program all of your PanelView Plus 6 graphic terminals.

 Technical Specifications for Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 2711P-T7C4A8
Product Line Panelview 6 Plus
Display Size 6.5 inches
Display Color Color
Input Type Touchscreen
Communication Ethernet and RS-232
Input Power 100 to 240 Volts AC
Software FactoryTalk View Machine Edition
Memory 512 MB RAM
Backlight 2711P-RL7C2
Communication Cable 2711-NC13
Shipping Weight 8 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 14 x 11 x 8 inches
Series Series A and Series B
Firmware 6.00 to 8.10
Operating System Windows CE 6.0
Features of Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen
• Provides significant improvements over the PanelView™ Plus 400 graphic terminals
   * Processor speed increased from 350 MHz to 1 GHz
   * Screen transition rate is up to 70% faster
   * System memory increased from 64MB RAM to 256MB RAM
   * Flash storage space increased from 64MB to 512MB
   * Includes 80MB nonvolatile storage for applications
   * Increased illumination of LED back-light displays
  * Greater connectivity to a variety of peripherals such as printers, mice, and keyboards
• Supports ActiveX® Controls
• Integrates with third-party software such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer® and Microsoft Office Viewers
• Supports remote connectivity (VNC and FTP)
• Offers backup restore functionality
• Provides remote recipe and data management through .CSV files
• Uses vector-based graphics from Symbol Factory
• Includes built-in PDF viewer for context-sensitive operator support
• Supports DataStore Plus logging and trending, which eliminates the 300,000 data point limit

Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

PanelView Plus 6 400 Graphic Terminals
• Includes a 4 in. flat-panel color display with 320 x 240 resolution and 18-bit graphics

PanelView Plus 6 600 Graphic Terminals
• Includes a 6 in. flat-panel color display with 320 x 240 resolution and 18-bit graphics

PanelView Plus 6 700 Graphic Terminals
• Includes a 6.5 in. flat-panel color display with 640 x 480 resolution (minimum) and 18-bit graphics

• Supports operator input via keypad (22 function keys), via touch screen or via keypad and touch screen

Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

PanelView Plus 6 1000 Graphic Terminals
• Includes a 10.4 in. flat-panel color display with 640 x 480 resolution (minimum) and 18-bit graphics
• Supports operator input via keypad (32 function keys), via touch screen or via keypad and touch screen

PanelView Plus 6 1250 Graphic Terminals
• Includes a 12.1 in. flat-panel color display with 800 x 600 resolution (minimum) and 18-bit graphics
• Supports operator input via keypad (40 function keys), via touch screen or via keypad and touch screen

PanelView  Plus 6 1500 Graphic Terminals
• Includes a 15 in. flat-panel color display with 1024 x 768 resolution (minimum) and 18-bit graphics
• Supports operator input via keypad (40 function keys), via touch screen or via keypad and touch screen

Ordering Codes of Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen
2711P-K4M5A8, 2711P-K4M5D8, 2711P-K4M20A8, 2711P-K4M20D8, 2711P-K4C5A8, 2711P-B4C5A8, 2711P-K4C5D8,  2711P-B15C4A9
2711P-B4C5D8, 2711P-K4C20A8, 2711P-B4C20A8, 2711P-K4C20D8, 2711P-B4C20D8, 2711P-K6M5A8, 2711P-T6M5A8, 2711P-B6M5A8,
2711P-K6M5D8, 2711P-T6M5D8, 2711P-B6M5D8, 2711P-K6M20A8, 2711P-T6M20A8, 2711P-B6M20A8, 2711P-K6M20D8, 2711P-T6M20D8,
2711P-B6M20D8, 2711P-K6C5A8, 2711P-T6C5A8, 2711P-B6C5A8, 2711P-K6C5D8, 2711P-T6C5D8, 2711P-B6C5D8, 2711P-K6C20A8,
2711P-T6C20A8, 2711P-B6C20A8, 2711P-K6C20D8, 2711P-T6C20D8, 2711P-B6C20D8, 2711P-K6C5A9, 2711P-T6C5A9, 2711P-B6C5A9,
2711P-K6C5D9, 2711P-T6C5D9, 2711P-B6C5D9, 2711P-K6C20A9, 2711P-T6C20A9, 2711P-B6C20A9, 2711P-K6C20D9, 2711P-T6C20D9,
2711P-B6C20D9, 2711P-K7C4D8, 2711P-T7C4D8, 2711P-B7C4D8, 2711P-T7C4D8K, 2711P-K7C4A8, 2711P-T7C4A8, 2711P-B7C4A8,
2711P-K10C4D8, 2711P-T10C4D8, 2711P-B10C4D8, 2711P-K10C4A8, 2711P-T10C4A8, 2711P-B10C4A8, 2711P-K12C4D8, 2711P-T12C4D8,2711P-B12C4D8, 2711P-T12C4D8K, 2711P-K12C4A8, 2711P-T12C4A8, 2711P-B12C4A8, 2711P-K15C4D8, 2711P-T15C4D8, 2711P-B15C4D8,2711P-K15C4A8, 2711P-T15C4A8, 2711P-B15C4A8, 2711P-K7C4D9, 2711P-T7C4D9, 2711P-B7C4D9, 2711P-K7C4A9, 2711P-T7C4A9,2711P-B7C4A9, 2711P-K10C4D9, 2711P-T10C4D9, 2711P-B10C4D9, 2711P-K10C4A9, 2711P-T10C4A9, 2711P-B10C4A9, 2711P-K12C4D9,2711P-T12C4D9, 2711P-B12C4D9, 2711P-K12C4A9, 2711P-T12C4A9, 2711P-B12C4A9, 2711P-K15C4D9, 2711P-T15C4D9, 2711P-B15C4D9,2711P-K15C4A9, 2711P-T15C4A9

Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

2711P-T10C4D8 2711P-T6C20D8 2711P-K10C4D8 2711P-K6C20D8 2711P-K6C20A8 2711P-K7C4D8 2711P-RDB7C 2711P-RDB10C
2711P-RDK7C 2711P-RDT10C 2711P-RDT12C 2711P-RDT15C 2711P-RDT7C 2711P-RN15S 2711P-RN6 2711P-RP8A 2711P-RP8D
2711P-RP9A 2711P-RP9D 2711P-B10C4D8 2711P-T10C4A8 2711P-T10C4D8 2711P-T10C4D9 2711P-T12C4A8 2711P-T12C4D8
2711P-T12C4D8K 2711P-T12C4D9 2711P-T15C4D8 2711P-T15C4D9 2711P-T6C20A8 2711P-T6C20D8 2711P-T6M20D8 2711P-T7C4A8
2711P-T7C4D8 2711P-T7C4D9 2711R-T10T 22-COMM-C 1794-ACN15 1794-IB32 1794-IB16 1794-OB32P 1794-OB16 1784-PCMK/B 150-C25NBD 1747-L552 1746-OB32 1746-IB32 1786-TPS 1746-NO4I 1746-NO4V 1784-PCM5 1747-N2 22B-D2P3N104 1771-OMD 1771-OAD 1747-L542 1746-P2 1746-A7 1746-IB16 1746-OB16 1746-NI4 1746-OW16 1746-IM16 1746-OW16 1746-NI8 1746-IB16 1746-OW16I 1756-CNB 1756-IF16 1756-IB16 2711-K6C20
22C-D045A103 1771-IBN 1786-RPFM/A 1786-RPA/B 1756-OF8 1756-IF8 1756-BA2 1784-CF64 1756-L61 1747-L551 1746-P4
1746-NI16I 1746-NO8I 1746-IB32 1746-OW16 1746-A10 1746-NO4I 1747-L553 1746-NI8 1746-OB32 1746-P4 1746-IB32
1746-A13 1747-SDN 2090-XXNPMP-16S15 2094-PRS6 2094-PRS7 1786-RG6 1784-PKTX 800FM-JR2 800FM-JR4
2208E/CC/VH/LH/XX/FH/XX/XX/2FE/ENG 20-60RS232-15M 20-750-1132C-2R 20-750-1132D-2R 20-750-1133C-1R2T
20-750-20COMM 20-750-20COMM-F1 20-750-2262C-2R 20C-DA1-A 20C-DA1-B 20C-DO1 20-750-2262C-2R 20-750-2262D-2R
20-750-2263C-1R2T 20-750-2262D-2R

Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

2711p-t10c4d8 2711p-b10c10d2 2711p-b10c10d6 2711p-b10c15a2 2711p-b10c15d7 2711p-b10c1d2 2711p-b10c1d6 2711p-b10c4a2 2711p-b10c4a8 2711p-b10c4a9 2711p-b10c4d2 2711p-b10c4d8 2711p-b10c4d9 2711p-b12c10d2 2711p-b12c10d6 2711p-b12c1d2 2711p-b12c1d6 2711p-b12c4a6 2711p-b12c4a8 2711p-b12c4a9 2711p-b12c4d1 2711p-b12c4d6 2711p-b12c4d8 2711p-b12c4d9 2711p-b15c10d2 2711p-b15c10d6 2711p-b15c1d2 2711p-b15c1d6 2711p-b15c4a1 2711p-b15c4a7 2711p-b15c4a8 2711p-b15c4a9 2711p-b15c4d8 2711p-b15c4d9 2711p-b4c20a 2711p-b4c20a8 2711p-b4c20d 2711p-b4c20d8 2711p-b4c3a 2711p-b4c3d 2711p-b4c5a 2711p-b4c5d 2711p-b4c5d8 2711p-b6c1a 2711p-b6c1d 2711p-b6c20a 2711p-b6c20a8 2711p-b6c20a9 2711p-b6c20d 2711p-b6c20d8 2711p-b6c20d9 2711p-b6c3a 2711p-b6c3d 2711p-b6c5a 2711p-b6c5a8 2711p-b6c5a9 2711p-b6c5d 2711p-b6c5d9 2711p-b6c8a 2711p-b6c8d 2711p-b6m1a 2711p-b6m1d 2711p-b6m20a 2711p-b6m20a8 2711p-b6m20d 2711p-b6m3a 2711p-b6m3d 2711p-b6m5a 2711p-b6m5a8 2711p-b6m5d 2711p-b6m8a 2711p-b6m8d 2711p-b7c10d2 2711p-b7c10d6 2711p-b7c15a2 2711p-b7c1d2 2711p-b7c1d6 2711p-b7c4a8 2711p-b7c4a9 2711p-b7c4d8 2711p-b7c4d9 2711p-b7c6a1 2711pc-b4c20d 2711pc-b4c20d8 2711p-cbl-ex04 2711pc-k4m20d 2711pc-k4m20d8 2711pc-t10c4d1 2711pc-t6c20d 2711pc-t6c20d8 2711pc-t6m20d 2711pc-t6m20d8 2711p-k10c4a8 2711p-k10c4a9 2711p-k10c4d1 2711p-k10c4d2 2711p-k10c4d6 2711p-k10c4d8 2711p-k10c4d9 2711p-k12c4a7 2711p-k12c4a8 2711p-k12c4a9 2711p-k12c4d1 2711p-k12c4d2 2711p-k12c4d7 2711p-k12c4d8 2711p-k12c4d9 2711p-k15c15a1 2711p-k15c4a2 2711p-k15c4a8 2711p-k15c4a9 2711p-k15c4d2 2711p-k15c4d7 2711p-k15c4d8 2711p-k15c4d9 2711p-k15c6a1 2711p-k4c20a 2711p-k4c20a8 2711p-k4c20d 2711p-k4c3a 2711p-k4c3d 2711p-k4c5a 2711p-k4c5a8 2711p-k4c5d 2711p-k4m20a 2711p-k4m20a8 2711p-k4m20d 2711p-k4m20d8 2711p-k4m3a 2711p-k4m3d 2711p-k4m5a 2711p-k4m5d 2711p-k4m5d8 2711p-k6c1a 2711p-k6c1d 2711p-k6c20a 2711p-k6c20a8 2711p-k6c20a9 2711p-k6c20d 2711p-k6c20d9 2711p-k6c3a 2711p-k6c3d 2711p-k6c5a 2711p-k6c5a8 2711p-k6c5a9 2711p-k6c5d 2711p-k6c5d9 2711p-k6c8a 2711p-k6c8d 2711p-k6m1a 2711p-k6m1d 2711p-k6m20a 2711p-k6m20a8 2711p-k6m20d 2711p-k6m3a 2711p-k6m3d 2711p-k6m5a 2711p-k6m5a8 2711p-k6m5d 2711p-k6m5d8 2711p-k6m8a 2711p-k6m8d 2711p-k7c4a8 2711p-k7c4a9 2711p-k7c4d2 2711p-k7c4d8 2711p-k7c4d9 2711p-k7c6a1 2711p-rak10 2711p-rak12e 2711p-rak12s 2711p-rak15 2711p-rak4 2711p-rak6 2711p-rak7 2711p-rat10 2711p-rat12e 2711p-rat12e2 2711p-rat12s 2711p-rat15 2711p-rat7 2711p-rbb10 2711p-rbb12 2711p-rbb15 2711p-rbb7 2711p-rbk10 2711p-rbk12 2711p-rbk15 2711p-rbk7 2711p-rbt10 2711p-rbt12 2711p-rbt12h 2711p-rbt15 2711p-rbt7 2711p-rc3 2711p-rc4 2711p-rch 2711p-rdb10c 2711p-rdb10cm 2711p-rdb12c 2711p-rdb12ck 2711p-rdb15c 2711p-rdb7c 2711p-rdb7ck 2711p-rdb7cm 2711p-rdk10c 2711p-rdk12c 2711p-rdk12ck 2711p-rdk15c 2711p-rdk7c 2711p-rdk7ck 2711p-rdt10c 2711p-rdt10cm 2711p-rdt12ag 2711p-rdt12c 2711p-rdt12ck 2711p-rdt12h 2711p-rdt12tp 2711p-rdt15ag 2711p-rdt15c 2711p-rdt15tp 2711p-rdt7c 2711p-rdt7ck 2711p-rdt7cm 2711p-rfk10 2711p-rfk12 2711p-rfk15 2711p-rfk6 2711p-rfk7 2711p-rgb4 2711p-rgk10 2711p-rgk12 2711p-rgk15 2711p-rgk4 2711p-rgk6 2711p-rgk7 2711p-rgt10 2711p-rgt12 2711p-rgt15 2711p-rgt6 2711p-rgt7 2711p-rl10c 2711p-rl10c2 2711p-rl12c 2711p-rl12c2 2711p-rl15c 2711p-rl7c 2711p-rl7c2 2711p-rn0 2711p-rn1 2711p-rn10c 2711p-rn10h 2711p-rn10hk 2711p-rn15c 2711p-rn15s 2711p-rn15sk 2711p-rn20 2711p-rn22c 2711p-rn3 2711p-rn6 2711p-rn6k 2711p-rn8 2711p-rp 2711p-rp1 2711p-rp1d 2711p-rp2 2711p-rp2a 2711p-rp2dk 2711p-rp3a 2711p-rp6a 2711p-rp6k 2711p-rp7d 2711p-rp8a 2711p-rp8d 2711p-rp8dk 2711p-rp9a 2711p-rp9d 2711p-rp9dk 2711p-rpd 2711p-rr128 2711p-rr128k 2711p-rr256 2711p-rr64 2711p-rsacdin 2711p-rtbac3 2711p-rtbdc2 2711p-rtfc 2711p-rtmc 2711p-ru310 2711p-rua310 2711p-rul01 2711p-rul10 2711p-rvac 2711p-rvt12 2711p-rw1 2711p-rw2 2711p-rw3 2711p-rw6 2711p-rw7 2711p-rw8 2711p-ry2032 2711p-t10c10d2 2711p-t10c10d6 2711p-t10c1d2 2711p-t10c1d6 2711p-t10c4a2 2711p-t10c4a8 2711p-t10c4a9 2711p-t10c4d8 2711p-t10c4d9 2711p-t12c10d2 2711p-t12c10d6 2711p-t12c15d2 2711p-t12c1d2 2711p-t12c1d6 2711p-t12c4a1 2711p-t12c4a2 2711p-t12c4a8 2711p-t12c4a9 2711p-t12c4d6k 2711p-t12c4d8k 2711p-t12c4d9 2711p-t15c10d2 2711p-t15c10d6 2711p-t15c15d5 2711p-t15c1d2 2711p-t15c1d6 2711p-t15c4a7 2711p-t15c4a8 2711p-t15c4a9 2711p-t15c4d5 2711p-t15c4d7 2711p-t15c4d8 2711p-t15c4d9 2711p-t15c6a1 2711p-t15c6d5 2711p-t6c1a 2711p-t6c1d 2711p-t6c20a 2711p-t6c20a8 2711p-t6c20a9 2711p-t6c20d 2711p-t6c20d8 2711p-t6c3a 2711p-t6c3d 2711p-t6c5a 2711p-t6c5d 2711p-t6c8a 2711p-t6c8d 2711p-t6m1a 2711p-t6m1d 2711p-t6m20a 2711p-t6m20d 2711p-t6m20d8 2711p-t6m3a 2711p-t6m3d 2711p-t6m5a 2711p-t6m5a8 2711p-t6m5d 2711p-t6m8a 2711p-t6m8d 2711p-t7c10d2 2711p-t7c10d6 2711p-t7c15a1 2711p-t7c15a2 2711p-t7c1d2 2711p-t7c1d6 2711p-t7c4a8 2711p-t7c4a9 2711p-t7c4d6 2711p-t7c4d8 2711p-t7c4d8k 2711p-t7c4d9 2711p-t7c6a1 2711p-t7c6d1

Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C4A8 Operator Interface 2711P-T7C4A8 Touchscreen

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