How about Rosemount Hart 475?

Rosemount hart475 manipulator is currently the most powerful manipulator on the market .475 manipulator is scalable, robust and reliable characteristics. As a single manipulator, only hart 475 field communicator can also provide all of these functions. The design philosophy of Hart 475 is to simplify the scene work. The user can experience the intuitive graphical interface of 475 color operation manipulator in different light conditions, even in the dim light, it is clear and readable. The choice of Rosemount hart475 manipulator is under control.

  • In color and has a graphical user interface function
  • The scene - powerful diagnostic function
  • Bluetooth communication interface
  • Lithium ion power module continued use - a long time
  • In full support of the HART and Ffieldbus field bus equipment
  • Product introduction

475 field communicator is developed on the basis of 375 field communicator with industry-leading technology. It also adds innovative new features, including color display, Bluetooth communications, and advanced field diagnostics

What you get from the most powerful manipulator is general, users can upgrade, safe, durable and reliable. As a single manipulator, only 475 field communicator can also provide all of these features.


User can upgrade

  • The easy upgrade option allows the operator to keep up to date
  • The 475 field communicator can upgrade at any time by the user via the Internet, so as to avoid due to time delay. The service center manipulator with convenient upgrade options, you can download the latest device description file (DDs), a new function, or direct access to new licensing options. 475 field communicator the update is so simple.
  • Instrument suppliers continued to launch a new HART and FF fieldbus devices, continue to carry out the functions of the existing equipment upgrade, and maintain the factory all device. The description (DDs) update is a challenging job.
  • It has a convenient upgrade function. When the new HART and Ff fieldbus device description file (DDs) released, only need to download directly from the Internet can upgrade 475 field communicator. Keep updating, everything is in your hands.

Product description

The design concept of the 475 field communicator is to simplify your job at the scene. The user operates HART and FF fieldbus devices can experience the intuitive graphical interface. Its color touch screen than the PDA or palm computer also, support HART protocol version 5, 6 and 7 (including WirelessHART) equipment, and can be updated through the Internet.


  • The touch screen using transmission and reflection technology, whether you are in the sun or in ordinary light can clearly read the information. The introduction of multi-layer backlight adjustment function can ensure the screen in different light conditions, even in the dim light of the plant is clear and readable.
  • The touch screen and the enlarged button are more efficient and convenient for both the instrument and the scene
  • Color graphics function is the standard configuration for each of the 475 field communicator. With the help of powerful EDDL technology, graphically read data from field devices. Charts, graphs, images and dashboard products is just one of several ways to display these graphics, including important equipment information can be read by the color LCD screen 475 field communicator.
  • The weight distribution of the 475 field communicator uniform, suitable for single hand operation.475 Windows site CE real-time operating system based on 475 field communication is reliable with sufficient memory, in order to facilitate future expansion. With the application of 32MB system including memory and 1GB card.

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