ABB Medium and Low Voltage Products Prices Adjustment Notice

ABB Medium and Low Voltage Products Prices Adjustment Notice !


Dear Customers: 
Thank you for your long-term understanding and support of ABB !
Affected by the sharp increase in raw materials, labor costs and logistics costs, and in order to better adapt to the changes in the market environment. To provide customers with better services, to ensure that ABB's quality is first, service-oriented and sustainable and stable development, our company decided to increase product prices , The growth rates of medium and low voltage conventional products are both 3-5%, plastic shell products and imported micro-break products are 5%, and case products are 10% (special products may have different price adjustments).
The new price will take effect at 0:00 on February 1, 2021, hereby notified! Please click here to download the attachment for the price adjustment notice
(Note: Orders generated before February 1, 2021 and the delivery is completed before March 18, 2021, can enjoy the original price before February 1, 2021.)
If you have any questions about this adjustment, please consult local ABB sales staff!
ABB China Electric Division
January 11, 2021

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